Dom80 to SEPA XML converter

We have developed a Dom80 to SEPA XML request converter and mandate management tool to facilitate moving from the old direct debit system in Belgium to the new European standard. Since April 1st, 2014 you haven't be able to collect direct debit payments without using the new format. Our tool allows you to continue to produce dom80 files from your existing billing system and still use them to send out the direct debit requests by converting them to the new format.

The Manadate Management Tool can be used to convert existing Dom80 mandates into the new SEPA format as well as to create new mandates for your new customers.

Using the converter and the mandate management tool costs only €100 per month with unlimited transactions per one of your bank accounts.
Contact us to find out more details on how to get started!

You can email us at sepadd@dwos.net or at info@dataworks.be, or alternatively call us on +32 (0)2 880 51 37 (we also speak Dutch and French).